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Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding, Product Design, Photography,
Production & Direction Services for Commercial Photography & Film

Communicative, functional art. As a musician and creative, I strive to strike an emotional chord and to connect with the audience. It excites me to help a brand tell their story. Changing and keeping up with technology, generations, and trends keeps me ever evolving and never is boring. I choose to work with people innovative in their thinking, business practices and products, as well as leaders in design for their industries. I have 27 years of professional experience in high level branding of "cool" counter-culture lifestyle brands, youth brands, action sports, mainstream corporate systems and entertainment industry.
• I like my projects to run as organically as possible. I carefully cast artists, crew, photographers, everyone involved, because i trust THEIR talent. It allows me to guide a client's vision through the creative production process, maximizing creative input and resulting in stunning work, happy artists and clients.
• Art direction & innovative design. Creating beautiful functionality. Design and branding plans that communicate and bridge the gap between marketing, sales, and product development.
• Playing the muse...assessing and combining the talents of all involved for a greater whole. 
~ Nena

Some of our past clients include: Electra Bicycle Co., Flora Farms, Hay House Publishers, Rimrock Ranch Cabins, Haro Design, Redsand, Pink Papaya Events, Adrianne Smith Floral, Titan Displays, and For The Sender.

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